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Bring the entire family and friends to watch your skydive!They’ll get a kick out of watching you jump and land right in front of them. We have a pool table, foosball, horseshoes and many other games for the kids as they wait for Mom and Dad and everyone else to skydive. So, whether you come alone or with family to experience skydiving, you will love our facilities. We hope to be a part of your skydiving adventure soon. Contact us today at 434 532 6570, or via email at to make your reservation today. Except where specifically defined in this chapter, all words used in this code shall carry their customary meanings. Words used in the present tense include the future; the plural includes the singular; the word “shall” is always mandatory; the word “may” denotes a use of discretion in making a decision; the words “used” or “occupied” shall be considered as though followed by the words “or intended, arranged, or designed to be used or occupied”; “written” includes printed, typewritten, mimeographed or multigraphed; “oath” shall be construed to include an affirmation or declaration in all cases in which, by law, an affirmation may be substituted for an oath, and in such cases the words “swear” and “sworn” shall be equivalent to the words “affirm” and “affirmed”; title of office – use of the title of any officer, employee, department, board or commission means that officer, employee, department, board or commission of the city of Leavenworth; “preceding” and “following” mean next before and next after, respectively. And the words “he” and “she” shall each be considered to mean “he” or “she. ” The definition of any word or phrase not listed in these definitions, which is in question when administering this code, shall be defined from one of the following sources. Said sources shall be utilized by seeking the desired definition from source number one, and if it is not available there, then source number two may be used and so on. The sources are as follows:2. Knuckles Lower: Golf ball placement along with wedges is actually towards the middle.

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The field of play is two boards, each on an angle and set 27 feet apart.


If you’d rather just get your drink on, make the most of HSCC’s full bars on each floor meaning you can easily move around and escape crowds and long waits for drinks or food.


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