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Then Rockabilly went off home to do some gardening and Metal and I went to the platform, where we were engaged in conversation by a still drinking man on his way home from a wedding. “Kanada!” He seemed very pleased about it. “I have dream to be holzhacker in Kanada. ” He gestured to illustrate that he meant a lumberjack, and further explained and mimed his ideal: “Big man. Ich bin macho. No talking, just making. Players hit the balls with a stick called a mace.

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Come on over!What an amazing vacation!We were pleasantly surprised with an upgrade to the Ozark Legends Lodge!I mean, the pictures don't even do it justice.


17Largely ignored as a supposed backwater in the domestic context of Saudi Arabia for many decades, 19 Najran in the late 1990s attracted increased attention.


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